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Baby Formula

Infant Formula Recall & Shortage

Having Trouble Finding Formula?

Due to a recent recall of name brand formulas in the United States, and shipping delays throughout the world, there is a powdered formula shortage. 

If you have an immediate need for formula, please call us, text us, or message us to find out if we have the formula you are looking for. We are regularly updating our resource list to assist in finding supply. 

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: Please be mindful of the sources from which you receive formula. If not purchased direct from manufacturer or retailer, it should come from reputable service organizations ONLY -- this is imperative for the safety of your baby. Regardless of where you receive the formula, please check lot numbers (see website below) for recalled product as well as expiration dates.

Tips if you are struggling to find formula:

  • Call your pediatrician as they might have samples available or can give you advice on alternative formulas for your baby.

  • Other brands or generic formula may be available that make a good alternative - read labels and compare ingredients. 

  • Check smaller local shops (small pharmacies, etc) as they may have some stock available.

  • Try multiple approaches - place online pickup orders for local retailers in addition to checking in store. 

  • Check lot numbers for recalled product. You can verify lot numbers online using Abbott's recall site here.

Looking to donate formula to HCPCC?

We will gladly accept formula donations but, please be mindful about purchasing large amounts of formula on our behalf.  We appreciate your generosity, but want to be sure formula is readily available in the stores for local families. If you have formula you do not need at home, please check expiration dates (and lot numbers for recalls) and feel free to drop it off at HCPCC!

About the Similac recall

In February of 2022, Abbott issued a proactive voluntary recall on powder formulas (including Similac, Alimentum, and EleCare) manufactured in one of their facilities in Sturgis, Michigan. The recall was issued after four consumer complaints related to Cronobacter sakazakii or Salmonella Newport in infants who had consumed powder infant formula manufactured in this facility. While no distributed formula has tested positive for either of these bacteria, Abbott issued the recall for powdered formula as a precaution. No liquid formula is included in the recall, nor are powder formulas or nutrition products from other facilities. The Sturgis, MI baby formula manufacturing plant remains closed at this time, further limiting the supply of formula. 

For more information, check these resources:

Powdered Infant Formula Recall - FDA

Abbott Recall Notice