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For All Parents

Mother and Child

Convenient classes to strengthen your family

Our classes cover everything from early pregnancy to parenting toddlers and working with your partner. Every class includes talking with a knowledgeable advocate about any questions or concerns you may have. 

Additionally, by taking classes, you earn Baby Bucks to spend in our Boutique!

About our Parenting Classes


Moms and dads want to raise a healthy, happy child. But getting reliable information isn't always easy.

HCPCC can help you with practical classes and the support you need. The advice and information in the Bright Course lessons will help you grow as a parent and as a person. 

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Did you know that when dads get involved right from the start, they affect their child's health for a lifetime? This one-of-a-kind practical course will equip men to care for their pregnant partner and learn the basics of infant-toddler health, safety, and welfare and will equip you to embrace fatherhood with confidence!

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